Livestock Auction: Saturday Sales

Our next Saturday Sale will be on

Next Sale 31st August 2019


 SALE @ 11.30AM

Catalogue will be shown on Wednesdays

First established in 1945, our Saturday Sales are the market of choice for farmers and buyers in Nidderdale and the surrounding areas. Held fortnightly and weekly when the autumn sheep sales are held.

Wide shot of auction ring with Belgian Blue cross cow Gwen the auction secretary helps see lambs unloaded 4WDs and trailers delivering stock to market unloading docks at Pateley Bridge Auction Centre The main spenning area at Pately Bridge Auction Two trailers are jetwashed Mule gimmer lamb day at auction A row of spectators look on at auction Limmy X store heifers Auctioneer seen from the POV of a buyer Reading ear tag numbers for passport tracking Gimmer mule lambs in ring
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Information for Participants

All sellers can benefit from registering lots ahead of sales day whenever possible, for inclusion in any catalogues or sales lists that may be circulated or requested by potential buyers. Buyers should register at the Market Office on sales day unless previously registered.

Sheep Individual numbers must now be reported on AML1 forms as well as in the movement book for individually identified animals when transferring from your keepership. Pateley Bridge Auction Centre is approved as a Central Point Recording Centre (CPRC), so electronically identified animals passing through our auction centre do not need to be listed individually on the AML1 when leaving the holding. We will read them and then supply you and the purchaser with a copy of the numbers read. We can sell sheep with manually read slaughter tags provided the AML1 form is fully completed with the number of each flock. All sheep must be tagged according to the DEFRA regulations.

Cattle must have 2 ear tags with the primary yellow tag readable on BOTH sides. Cattle over 42 days of age from herds within a 1 or 2 year testing interval must be pre-movement tested within 60 days. Vendors must supply accurate ear tag numbers to the Market Office.

All livestock vehicles must be cleansed and disinfected as soon as possible after unloading. If you wish to disinfect on return you must complete a declaration form, available from the Market Office. A free jetwash is available on site for the disinfection of trailers bringing animals to market.


Cash or bank draft. Bidders must register at the market office for cheque payments. Cheques only by prior arrangement. Goods will be kept until monies have cleared. Goods may only be removed from site on receipt of a Pass Out. Buyer's cards are available from the market office.

Some Lots Registered for the upcoming Saturday Sale:

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