Two cars being jetwashed Two livestock trailers are jetwashed Jetwash sign seen by trailer
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Powerful Jetwash for Vehicles and Trailers

Available to All

We maintain a superb, industrial-spec dual jetwash facility. With plenty of space available, our jetwash is popular with everyone from trail and quad bike riders to farmers and building contractors, all looking to minimise the effect of corrosion on their vehicles and equipment - and, of course, with lots of local car drivers who are glad not to have to go to Harrogate or Ripon for a decent carwash. Hot and cold wash options are available. Straightforward coin-operated payment means you can use the facility whenever you need to.

Free for Livestock Delivery Vehicles

Any livestock sellers delivering animals for sale with us are entitled to a free, self-operated detergent jetwash to allow compliance with the DEFRA requirements for livestock transportation.

DEFRA Requirements

Our jetwash meets the DEFRA requirements, but responsibility for proper cleaning of vehicles and trailers rests with the driver. If you prefer to clean your vehicles at home you must sign a declaration form, available from the Market Office.

Jetwash Prices

Cold Wash £3 Five minutes soap with two minute rinse.
Hot Wash £4 Five minutes hot soap with two minute cold rinse.

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